We are the largest provider of rubber mats in Slovenia, luggage racks, towbars, mandatory equipment, and car accessories. We are proud of our own production of textile car mats for all makes, models, and generations of cars.

KONSTILL d.o.o. Obrtniška ul. 6, 1370 Logatec

Textile car mats, rubber car mats, and rubber trunk protection. Our offer also includes towbars, accessories for towbars, first aid kits for cars, and others…

Textile car mats

Beautiful textile car mats, 100% tailored to your style, your vehicle and your wallet.

Trunk protection mats

Much more than just an adition to vehicle. Functional and extremely useful solution.

Rubber car mats

Mostly used druing autumn and winter, but attractive throughout the year. Rubber mats from various manufacturers.

Additional equipment

Wide range of car accessories. Security and functionality.

Car towbars

Not just an accessory! The car towbar is an important and extremely useful part of your vehicle, expanding vehicle use with a wide range of possibilities.

First aid kit for vehicles

To many, it represents something needed for mandatory checks, but a first aid kit in your car is much more! It is safety for you, your loved ones and all people near you.

Trunk protection mats


The rubber trunk protection mats ensure easy cleaning and tidiness of the car’s luggage compartment.

Trunk protection

The rubber offers complete protection of the trunk of the car. The base of this protective rubber is made in such a way that it prevents load from slipping. the contents are protected from spills and dirt, ensuring that everything stays where it should.

100% fit

Rubber trunk protectors are a functional and reliable solution that also offers an aesthetically perfect look. The perfect fit for your vehicle ensures that the rubber trunk protection becomes an indispensable, extremely useful part of your car. Our philosophy is not to mislead customers by flaunting, but to impress customers with quality and reliability.

Textile car mats.


Textile car mats are made of different materials and with different levels of processing, so we at KONSTILL d.o.o. developed quality classes that allow for a tailored offering. The car mats in our offer are customized so that you can choose them either by price range or by quality. And we have something for everyone.

We recommend Deluxe or Premium.

If you want a wonderful set of car mats, then the Deluxe class is what you are looking for. Premium is a class that offers wonderful quality workmanship for a slightly lower price. The Standard class is designed for a basic look, while the Comfort class offers the quality you’re used to when buying a new vehicle.

100% fit to vehicle dimensions.

KONSTILL textile car mats are simply beautiful, attractive and 100% tailored to your vehicle. By choosing the color of the border, embroidering your logo or name, we bring the look of our textile car mats closer to you and your style.

Mandatory and optional car accessories.


Mandatory car accessories are not something you would only need for a roadworthiness test. It is a necessity, security, protection for you, for your loved ones and also for others in the moments when it is needed.

Accessories provide functionality. Equip your vehicle so that you are ready for everything and provide yourself with an additional feeling of comfort and safety.

The largest offer in Slovenia, but we cross borders and conquer foreign markets. KONSTILL D.o.o. is already in 8 countries.

Visit our online store. Textile car mats, rubber car mats, luggage racks and trunk protection, towbar for your car, mandatory and additional equipment and much, much more!

At the very beginning, our ambition was to achieve high capacities, set up our own production and be the largest supplier in the region while creating a socially responsible company with healthy work environment.

We highly value our customers and partners, therefore we make sure to deliver only the best services. That wouldn’t be possible without our capable and hard-working employees.

We can proudly look back at the last 30 years; developing a medium-sized, international company with high standards has been a worthwhile journey. We are most proud of the wide wholesale network and successful retail trade.

Nevertheless, we would never just sit back and rest on our laurels. On the contrary, we are constantly looking for new goals to conquer. We appreciate the distance we’ve walked for the past three decades, but our main focus now is the targets ahead.

We stay true to our original aspirations and focus on progress like we were on our first day. Only now, the bar is set even higher…

Gregor Istenič, CEO - KONSTILL d.o.o. Logatec



- Gregor Istenič





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All rights reserved. | Privacy
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Konstill d.o.o. Logatec - Production of textile car mats, sale of rubber car mats, towbar for car, rubber trunk protection, mandatory and additional equipment and more.

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